Welcome to TOTOSCI 

Safaricom supplier of USB Cables

A solution to the mounting electronic waste challenge in Africa, driven by the increase of low-quality USB cables that are less durable.

At TOTOSCI, sustainability is at the core of our values, as we take substantial steps to reduce plastic and electronic waste by recycling plastic materials and meticulously assembling superior-quality USB cables. 

From global tech giants to innovative startups, companies like Safaricom,BBOXX, Emerging Ecomm Ventures Inc,Gearbox Europlacer,Blink Electrics,Synnefa,Ivyliam and Angaza Elimu have chosen TOTOSCI as their trusted supplier of USB cables.

Hospitality  giant like Abai and academics giant like Zetech University have chosen TOTOSCI as their trusted supplier of branded USB cables.

About Us

At TOTOSCI, we stand as the electronic assembler fueling passion for quality and innovation. 

Our USB cables boast universal compatibility with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and more.

Rooted in Kenya, our collective mission is to empower our nation and Africa as a whole by crafting superior-quality electronic products. 

Guided by our vision for a greener future, we invest our hearts and minds in reducing environmental pollution caused by plastic and electronic waste. 

With a supportive and collaborative work environment, we nurture skills and expertise, driving our shared dream of igniting positive change. 


TOTOSCI's products hold exceptional value for electronic manufacturers  in Africa. 

Our superior-quality USB cables ensure lasting performance and compatibility with a wide range of devices. 

With our commitment to sustainability, partnering with TOTOSCI allows manufacturers to align with eco-conscious practices, reducing their environmental footprint. 

Moreover, our dedicated B2B solutions enable seamless ordering of samples and bulk purchases, empowering manufacturers to meet increasing demand efficiently.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we power Africa's tomorrow with sustainable connectivity solutions.

Our USB Cables

Engraved  USB Cables 

Branded USB Cables

Unbranded USB Cables

Plain USB Cables 

Why Our USB Cables 

Flexible customization

Our products comes with any colour, length,electrical specifications and mechanical needs. We build it the way you want.

Break resistant to folding

Our products are break resistant to folding due to efficient molding technique.

Custom free laser branding

We brand exactly the way you want .

How its made

Cable cutting and outer stripping

Cable inner stripping

Connector and cable soldering

Cable testing

Cable internal and external molding

Laser branding

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